What is Pop-Up Dojo?

A mobile martial arts program specializing in working with special needs kids. Pop-Up brings
Taekwondo dojo into the community. Private lessons, group classes, after school programs,
birthdays, camps and more.  

Leaders are built One student at a time

Group Classes

Children and adults work together to teach special needs kids Taekwondo, teamwork, leadership and more. Leaders are being formed and shaped throughout each 45-minute session.

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Private Lessons

Sometimes one-on-one learning is best for certain students. Skills that are learned are not just Taekwondo skills. They are skills that build character and confidence outside of the dojo.

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After School

Let us bring the dojo to you. Our mobile martial arts program will travel to your school or facility. Various program levels are available. Custom programs can be crafted upon request.

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Interested in what we're doing?

Stop by one of our Pop-Up group classes and find out how you can get involved.